Are You Visible?

Do you know how to professionally manage your career for long term success?

With fewer positions available in today’s competitive job market its imperative that you know how to differentiate yourself and get employers and recruiters to
notice you.

Now is not the time to try and obtain a position with a do-it-yourself resume. Donald Trump attributes his success to being smart enough to know what he doesn’t know and brave enough to take action and surround himself with mentors who have the expertise that he lacks. Mr. Trump strongly believes that by implementing this strategy he is able to accomplish his goals much quicker than he could do on his own.

Listen to good professional advice!  Rapid changes in technology have quickly changed the way in which recruiting and HR firms find top executive talent.  Human interaction use to be a large component of the hiring process but now computerized applications appear to be the new normal leaving a large majority of highly skilled and talented executives feeling frustrated with the seemingly cold process.

At CCS we understand this frustration and advocate that talented executives seek out professional representation and acquire excellent preparatory skills in order to successfully gain the attention of influential people that can further enhance their careers.  CCS assigns all new candidates with a CCS Talent Center Manager for on-going professional support.  We strongly believe that providing personalized attention helps our client’s feel more confident, resulting in the psychological edge needed to compete in today’s highly competitive job market.

Career Center Solutions will surround you with expert mentors to help prep, package and position you for success!  If you believe in our motto of “LISTEN LEARN ACHIEVE” we would like to help confidentially represent your skills, talents and abilities to select recruiters and employers within your industry.

Create a customized career action plan:   Career Center Solutions assesses all candidates before making professional recommendations on their behalf.  Your personally assigned CCS Talent Manager will work closely with you and the entire CCS team of experts for professional recommendations.  Once a course of action has been agreed upon, your CCS Talent Manager will formulate them into an easy to follow step by step (Career Action Plan) specifically designed to help you reach your individual goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your strategic CAP (career action plan) will incorporate superior on-going expert advice for your continued success.  Our CCS team of professionals will produce exceptional custom marketing materials and provide you with in-depth professional coaching and job search training necessary to successfully manage your professional career.  

Successful Careers Don’t Just Happen, They’re Managed:           

So you’ve Got Talent… Now What?   In 2008 the sudden financial collapse shook thousands of complacent executives around the world; and many executives found themselves so busy at their current positions that they failed to plan for their futures until they were forced to.  Vast lay-offs left so many totally unprepared with outdated resumes, poor interviewing skills and few industry connections that CCS enacted a career maintenance program specifically designed to help busy executives stay relevant in their careers.

Career Center Solutions for executive maintenance also provided additional opportunities for professionals to confidentially explore other career options or move-up within their current organizations.  Today CCS Executive Advisers/Talent Managers continue to promote executives around the world through building and maintaining an on-going relevant presence within their industries.

Why You Need CCS Talent Management:  CCS confidential talent management service promotes our professionally prepared executive talent by presenting their skills, talents and abilities to select employers and recruiters.  Our highly personalized service offers our talented executives the prestige of having their own personal talent manager while maintaining strict confidentially.

Having CCS personally representing and building your brand perception greatly increases your intrinsic value proposition; executives who have talent managers appear busy and successful and usually receive better offers. Today Career Center Solutions international recruiting and executive search firm networks cover over 80 industries.

Join the CCS Talent Network today.

What is your success rate?
Our surveys show that executives who engage professional career help typically move into a new role they want with a preferred employer within 1-5 months. Receive job offers for higher level positions. Negotiate a higher salary and benefits package. Create a better work/life balance. Achieve higher career goals and earn more money.

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