Better Strategies

You need strategies that work

What is your next step? Are you being interviewed?
Is your phone ringing? Who should you contact? What should you say?

Here at Career Center Solutions, we’ve focused on discovering and implementing proven solutions.

What are the obstacles
Here are some common facts about job hunting and the hiring process in mind:

90% of jobs are not advertised
This is huge, and it means newspaper classifieds, Craigslist, and the big career websites are only telling you about 10% of the jobs out there.

There are 3 major gateways

  1. Getting noticed
  2. Getting connected
  3. Getting Hired

Companies want solutions.
A lot of times, a company will advertise a position but end up not hiring. They end up finding another solution because they don’t just want a warm body; they want a solution to a specific problem.

Get Hired
Through the CCS Talent Center Manager and in combination with our Industry Experts, discover the joy of networking, find peace in blazing new trails. and be triumphant with change. Get noticed, Get Connected, and Get Hired. Your success is our success and we are proud to partner with you in this endeavor.

These are not just trivial steps, but major obstacles that usually dictate the need for clear, precise, and proven strategies to overcome. It starts with our Career Action Plan and then, working though our highly trained Talent Managers, start taking the steps you need for success.

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