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Career Center Solutions is pleased to announce a new advertising program which offers employers the opportunity to build their brand and increase visibility to potential new hires. While CCS is big on confidentiality, some companies prefer to “STAND OUT” and we can certainly appreciate that. Our advertising program is a cost-effective way to help you establish or maintain a successful recruiting Continue Reading
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Pay It Forward

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HELPING PEOPLE IS WHAT WE DO! Create good public relations by showing interested applicants that you care. CCS provides a unique pay it forward referral program that supplies valuable career management services to your over flow of job seeking applicants. You can choose to reward your clients for their affiliation with your company by supplying a special discount code that will help them Continue Reading
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In-Depth Analysis

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Today’s employers are using predictive and analytic software, deep data research tools to evaluate candidates.  By going through the Talent Center Manager, CCS candidates are able to learn before hand what and how they are communicating to potential employers. Long and short-term goals are taken into account when creating a Career Action Plan, which is presented to CCS Talent Center Continue Reading
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