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Candidate Prescreening Services

Career Center Solutions (CCS) affordable prescreening services can make your hiring decisions much more manageable and less time consuming. Our professional staff can advertise, parse and provide initial phone screenings to qualified candidates. In addition our resources cover background checks, assessments and various other prescreening solutions required to hire the best candidate(s).

Our personalized service starts by accessing your company’s individual needs over the phone. Then to quickly funnel down the selection process, we’ll add your specific qualifying questions into our initial phone screenings. Our staff can effectively pre sell your position(s) and benefits to the candidates making your company look more professional by utilizing our services.

Save Valuable Time And Money While Appearing More Professional!

  • Most small business owners don’t have time to manage placing job ads, reading through stacks of resumes or handling all the phone calls necessary in order to find the right employee(s) to hire? They’ve got a business to run!
  • What if you’re a startup? The success of the company is riding on your shoulders, but you lack the resources to hire effectively, without acquiring affordable out sourcing. You can’t afford to make costly hiring mistakes!
  • Even medium sized companies often don’t have the resources required to alleviate the work load that falls directly on most department managers? Productivity suffers when management is expected to do more with less!

Trust Career Center Solutions to lend a hand and become the eyes and ears of your company by calling 1-800-227-0810 today!

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