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We work hard to promote and provide opportunities for our CCS Talent Network, providing free talent and networking resources to recruiters all over the world.

Joining the CCS Talent Network is fast and absolutely FREE.

Currently thousands of recruiting partners rely on CCS Talent Network for free promotional resources to help them find and prepare their talent faster. Another great reason recruiters are joining CCS is the additional employer requests for talent that may not be readily available in the current CCS Talent Network.

Never a fee to Recruiters to place our Network of Talent.
Our expertise lies in our thorough client preparation process which frees up valuable time for you (our recruiting partner). Generate more business by expediting the placement process for your talent. Please ask us about additional revenue opportunities, such as our Pay It Forward program and additional CCS Employer talent requests.

Work Smarter!

  • Save Time — let CCS help prepare your candidates for placement
  • Save More Time — Shorten your search efforts with CCS Top Talent
  • Earn More Revenue — Make referral placements within the CCS Network
  • Increase your public relations by cleaning out your old database
  • Increase your business — Enjoy low cost Network advertising solutions

Have a question or would you like to learn more about CCS programs and services? Simply contact our client services department at 1-800-227-0810

Never a fee to Recruit Top Talent once you join the CCS Talent Network!

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