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Welcome to Career Center Solutions Talent Network, where we bring talented people together to Listen to each other, Learn what is really needed, and Achieve goals.

Our vast network helps candidates, recruiters, and employers expedite job search, hiring, and placement processes. CCS provides specialized coaching, marketing and technology gurus to precisely ascertain each candidate’s needs.  We quickly train and prepare candidates to be professionally presented to targeted recruiters and employers.

The CCS Talent Network is growing fast and welcomes affiliate partnerships. Do you enjoy helping others succeed? Are you passionate about your career product or service? If so we would love to hear about it! At CCS we are always willing to Listen, Learn, Achieve!  

Candidates, we know the search methods that recruiters and employers use to find you and we reverse engineer those same processes to confidentially and professionally market you to them.

Take these steps to be found!

  • Free registration increases your visibility in the talent marketplace.
  • Access the CCS Talent Center, giving you access to innovative solutions.
  • Hire a personal CCS Talent Manager as an add-on service to the Talent Center

Recruiters and Employers, we listen and learn about your needs, then work tirelessly to achieve your goals by helping find your ideal candidate. Joining the CCS Talent Network is free and gives you the ability to quickly search for leaders and professionals out of a pool of candidates with whom the CCS Talent Network says is ready.

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