Pay It Forward


Create good public relations by showing interested applicants that you care. CCS provides a unique pay it forward referral program that supplies valuable career management services to your over flow of job seeking applicants.

You can choose to reward your clients for their affiliation with your company by supplying a special discount code that will help them acquire our professional 16 step accelerated Talent Center program.

Our unique program offers Recruiter’s, Employers, and approved affiliate members $15 for each Talent Center purchase generated from that particular organization.

Our 1, 2, 3, process is really simple:

1. Each Recruiter / Employer or CCS approved affiliate member is assigned a specific Talent Center ID, which is posted into an auto-generated email from you for referred candidates that you feel would benefit from exposure to the Talent Center. (CCS will provide auto response marketing materials for your business once you are approved.)

2. When that individual signs up and enters your Talent Center ID during their registration process, our system detects the source of the lead, and automatically discounts the Talent Center $15 for them and then rewards you $15.

3. The processing period is from the 21st through the 20th of each month. Checks mailed on the first of each month.

Sign up and our Partnership Team will contact you shortly.

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