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Your personal Talent Manager will help accelerate your career search and be there to help support and guide you with expert advice for as long as you need them. Your Talent Manager will help ensure that your unique skills, talents and abilities are professionally prepped, packaged and positioned in order to “Stand Out” and quickly gain the attention of Recruiters and Employers in your industry.

Did you know that Employers and Recruiters are intrigued by Candidates who engage professional career services? It adds intrinsic value and shows that you’re the candidate with serious career initiative! Increase your value and receive higher offers with a Talent Manager.

Product Description

Dedicated Talent Manager

If you are like many, you might find this time period of transition isolating. You might have already contacted family and friends, or you may just be just starting to search for a new opportunity. Either way – feeling alone is natural. We are designed to work with others. A Talent Manager is your liaison and primary adviser regarding your search progress who will model for you what it really means to “Listen, Learn, and Achieve.” Initially, your Talent Manager will spend six (6) 30-minutes session with you. They will seek to understand your situation completely. They will evaluate your current credentials and how you present yourself upon your initial discussions prior to creating a Career Action Plan – which provides you a road map of steps to take to strengthen your presentation skills in person, online, and on paper.

Career Action Plan
Human Resources departments and Recruiters are looking for specific types of people to fill their “billets” or “positions.” During your initial conversation with a Talent Manager, you are being interviewed and assessed based upon the feedback we have received from industry experts on what it takes to secure these coveted positions. Afterward, this report is processed and used to create your personalized Career Action Plan. Based on our results, this report quickly identifies potential weaknesses and allows the Talent Manager to quickly put into place the tools and services needed to ensure your campaign is successful.

Liaison between Leading Experts and Resources
Career Center Solutions has partnered with subject matter experts and leading thinkers in their fields. They will work with you individually and in group settings (as necessary), ensuring  the discussion is centered around the most relevant topics that produce insights you need to hear.

Their services include:

  • Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook)
  • Communication Strategies (Interviewing; Creative Materials such as resumes, cover letters, and thank you cards; and Negotiating)
  • Personal Branding and Marketing Strategies
  • Technology Tools and Integration
  • and much more … because your needs are unique


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